As a business owner, choosing the right courier partner is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation and ensuring timely delivery of products to customers. Unfortunately, not all courier services are created equal, and some may fall short of expectations. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at J & T Express, a courier service that claims to be reliable but has left us deeply disappointed as a partner courier.

Customer Service Woes

One of the primary pillars of any successful courier service is responsive and efficient customer service. However, in the case of J & T Express, their customer service is nothing short of abysmal. Despite being a VIP partner with them, getting a response from their customer support team is like pulling teeth. Queries and complaints are often left unanswered, causing frustration and anxiety for both our business and our customers.

Unreasonably Long Parcel Pick-up Time

A fast and reliable courier service is essential in today’s fast-paced business world. However, J & T Express fails to live up to this expectation. After booking a parcel pick-up, we have experienced a minimum wait time of three days before they even bother to collect the package. This delayed pick-up process disrupts our delivery schedules and affects our reputation with customers who expect swift service.

Ghosted in Group Chats

Communication is key to solving any issues that may arise during the delivery process. We were added to a group chat for supposedly easy access to the support team, but it quickly became evident that it was all for show. J & T Express rarely responds to any queries or concerns raised in the group chat, leaving us feeling ignored and unimportant as partner courier.

Supervisor’s Gag Order

Transparency is vital in any business relationship. Unfortunately, J & T Express seems to prioritize secrecy over open communication. The supervisor forbids us from informing the group chat about our scheduled bookings, which leaves us unable to coordinate effectively and causes further delays in the process. This lack of transparency only adds to the frustrations we face as their partner courier.

Conclusion – 1 out of 10 Rating

In conclusion, our experience with J & T Express as a partner courier has been nothing short of a nightmare. Their unresponsive customer service, excessively delayed pick-up times, lack of communication in group chats, and the supervisor’s gag order have all contributed to our dissatisfaction. As a business that takes pride in delivering products to our buyers promptly, partnering with J & T Express has proven to be a grave mistake.

If you value your business reputation and seek to provide a reliable delivery service to your customers, we strongly advise against partnering with J & T Express. We give them a dismal 1 out of 10 rating and will be actively seeking an alternative courier service that values their partners and customers alike. Remember, choosing the right courier partner can make or break your business, and J & T Express is undoubtedly not the one to trust.